Connecticut Radio Alliance
Promoting and Supporting CT's Non-Commercial Radio Stations and Their Staffs

This group has been created to foster a sense of community among Connecticut's non-commercial radio stations, to allow stations to share ideas and to serve as a resource for the volunteer staffs of these stations. College and high school stations, LPFM and religious stations and community/ independent stations and their volunteer and paid staff are welcome to participate by becoming members.  There is no charge, all that is required is an active interest in non-com radio.

This website is the public face of the organization.  There is an Alliance Yahoo Group just for members. If you are interested in joining just send an email to

Thirty nine of Connecticut's 87 radio broadcast stations are non-commercial and non-profit in nature and they serve a surprisingly large segment of the listening audience each week. No matter how large or small, in this day of media consolidation these stations provide a valuable community resource and they have many of the same interests in common,  Many of them face the same challenges, such as attracting and keeping listeners, fund raising, keeping up with government regulations and staying abreast of new technology. Hopefully this group will allow these stations to work together for the benefit of the member stations and the listening public.

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